Service We Provide

NHS Services Available

These services are provided under the NHS Contract by appointment during surgery opening hours:


Core Services

  • General management of medical conditions.
  • Health promotion advice.
  • Emergency care as appropriate.
  • Urgently required care of temporary residents.



Additional Services


baby immunisation

Baby Immunisation clinic is run at our Ash Vale site on Friday mornings and Wednesday afternoons at Frimley Green , please ring reception for an appointment.

We consider the immunisation of children to be a high priority and offer the national agreed immunisations at the appropriate times. It is important that the Child Red Immunisation book is brought to the immunisation appointment.  Note: please allow 7-10 working days if the Child Red Immunisation book is brought in at a later date for updating by our nursing team.



Child health surveillance

Health Visitor baby walk-in clinics run on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month from 09.30am – 11.30am at our Ash Vale site.
If you need to contact the Health Visitor team, please ring 01483 782093. 
Screening checks are recommended for children, starting at 8 weeks, up to school age. These are carried out by the Doctors and Health Visitors. Appointments are arranged by the Health Visitors


Enhanced Services

Fitting of contraceptive devices


Respiratory Clinics

Our respiratory nurses have undertaken specific training in asthma. They see asthmatic patients as part of their yearly review. Correct use of medication and inhalers is vital in keeping asthma well controlled. We advise all patients with asthma to use this service. They have also undertaken specific training in COPD and see these patients as part of their annual review. Appointments can be booked at Reception in the Respiratory Clinics.


Smoking Cessation

If you or a family member are trying to stop smoking and would like some help or advice, speak to the One You Surrey Stop Smoking Service. There’s no need to go “cold turkey”. Support is free and increases your chance of success. There are no lectures—just friendly practical support via evening clinics or one-to-one day sessions, with a high success rate.

You’re up to four times more likely to give up smoking with support, so PHONE 01737 652168 now for more information and an informal chat or visit

Cancer Support

In partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support, Surrey Heath Community Providers Ltd, has launched a new service in Surrey Heath to support anyone whose life has been touched by cancer.

The free service signposts patients, carers or family members to personalised help with practical needs, financial concerns, emotional and wellbeing support - whatever is needed to empower people to make informed choices about their lives.  Additionally, a programme of community based initiatives and events aimed at improving wellbeing will be organised.  These will include for example: managing fatigue, promoting health and wellbeing and mindfulness.

Everyone is different.  What matters to YOU?

  • Practical Help
  • Financial Concerns
  • Wellbeing
  • Emotional Support
  • Returning to Work
For support and help get in touch directly with:
Beverly Harrison, Macmillan Community Cancer Navigator
Email: or Tele: 07880 502267


Confidential advice is available for all our patients at the Medical Centre. Most contraceptive products are available on free prescriptions. Patients of all ages, including teenagers and those under 16, will be seen and advised in total confidence - please do not be afraid to ask.

Emergency contraception is most effective if taken within 24 hours - ensure you see us promptly. It can be used several days afterwards - please ask us if you are in doubt.


Diabetes Clinics

We work closely with all our patients with diabetes to try and improve their care. Diabetes clinics are held on various days during the week and are organised by Claire Bales and Karen Gangadeen (our Practice Nurses) and Keith Adams (one of our Nurse Practitoners). All three have undertaken special training and aim to see all patients newly diagnosed with diabetes within a week or two. Patients with established diabetes are invited by letter annually.


Elderly Care

Our District Nurses offer a "MOT" check for elderly patients. This is particularly advised for those who do not see the Doctors on a regular basis.


Immunisation Clinics

Our Practice Nurses have received specific training in Childhood Immunisations – Kathy Williams, Linda Craven and Sarah Frost. We consider the national immunisation plans to be high priorities and achieve high coverage. If you believe that your child has missed any immunisations please contact the Practice Nurses or Health Visitors and we will seek to make good any gaps.


Influenza Vaccination

Bookings for our flu clinics normally open on 1st September and the clinics are held in October, November and December mainly on Weekday evenings and Saturday mornings.

We strongly recommend that all eligible patients take up the offer for free vaccination. It is offered to all people over 65 years and younger people with diabetes, heart disease, poor immune systems, kidney disease and chest disease (especially those with asthma requiring the use of brown inhalers)



Minor Surgery

We carry out a large range of procedures in our modern treatment room including removal of moles and skin lumps. We also perform liquid nitrogen freezing and injection of joints and tissues. Please ring discuss the problem with your Doctor.


New Patient Registration Checks

When you first register, we have no records and no information about you. You will therefore
be asked to complete a health questionnaire that allows us to collect some basic information. If
you require medication on a repeat prescription, you will be asked to see one of the doctors.


Physiotherapy Service

In conjunction with Surrey Heath Primary Care Network, a new physiotherapy  service is now available at the Practice.

Patients with a musculoskeletal problem such as joint or muscle pain including osteoarthritis, back pain and neck pain, sciatica, sprains and strains, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome for example can now see a physiotherapist without requiring a GP referral. Patients can contact reception for an appointment.



We offer full antenatal and postnatal care, Our local Community Midwives work as a team providing a comprehensive midwifery service. They or their colleagues see all our newly pregnant women and share the antenatal and postnatal care with the Doctors. Between them on a rota basis, they care also for our patients during labour and at the local hospital allowing for continuity of care throughout pregnancy, labour and postnatal.


Travel Clinic

Immunisations are required for most holidays abroad, especially if travelling outside Europe. Courses can take a few weeks to complete and we advise seeing the nurse at least 4-6 weeks before travel.

Our Travel Nurse's, Leanne Cowd & Claire Bales are experienced in giving advice on avoiding illness abroad and we can supply commercially produced travel packs for those travelling to remote areas (contain sterile needles and dressings).

We are also a Nationally Accredited Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre



Well Woman Clinic

Clinics for cervical smears are held on three days each week by our nurses. Reminders are sent by post and these appointments can be booked online. Breast cancer screening (mammograms) is arranged by the Jarvis Centre, Guildford. Women, between the ages of 50 and 65 years, are invited every three years


Heart Disease

A healthy lifestyle is of vital importance to patients with heart disease. As part of the national initiative, we offer a Nurse led Continuing Community Cardiovascular programme specifically to ensure that heart disease sufferers enjoy the best possible chance of limiting further heart problems in the future