Patient Group Minutes of Meeting, Reports and Surveys

The minutes of the Patient Group meetings are below - please click any of the individual links to open the document.



On a quarterly basis, in conjunction with the Friends & Family Test, we are carrying out a short survey to gauge patient satisfaction and provide us with a focus for improvement.


Focus for 2016

Using the survey outcomes and feedback from our Patient Reference Group, our key focus areas were :-

  • Promotion of Online Services – improve awareness and promote uptake of services.
  • Improve the availability of patient information – increase the availability of a wider range of information
  • Patient Reference Group – increase the effectiveness and ensure representation of the local population.

Progress is as follows

Promotion of Online Services

We are actively informing our patients of our Online services by providing information and forms for Online Access for newly registering patients. In addition, we have a promotion starting about the new online access to medical records for existing patients via the notice board and the check-in screen.


Improve the availability of patient information

Following a number of comments from patients, we will shortly be displaying a range of leaflets and patient information in the Reception area. Our aim is to provide useful information to help patients manage their health issues as well as providing details about the services both ourselves and the community can provide.


Patient Reference Group

Our plan to advertise the patient reference group to attract new members has unfortunately not produced any results, so we are now going to target particular groups of patients to ensure the group is representative of our local population.