New Physiotherapy Service

New Physiotherapy Service

In conjunction with Surrey Heath Primary Care Network, we are pleased to announce a new service at the Practice.

Patients with a musculoskeletal problem such as joint or muscle pain including osteoarthritis, back pain and neck pain, sciatica, sprains and strains, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome for example can now see a physiotherapist, instead of a GP, at a number of practices in Surrey Heath, including Bartlett Group Practice.

Around one in five people book in to see their doctor with a musculoskeletal problem, and often have to wait for a GP referral to get access to physiotherapy advice for such conditions.

But not now……See the Physiotherapist here!

They will…..

Assess you and diagnose what’s happening

Give expert advice on how best to manage your condition

Recommend exercises and other approaches to deal with the issue

Refer you on to specialist services if necessary, after discussion with your GP

Contact the Practice today on 01252 835016 or 01212 317551 for more details or to book your appointment

Ben Coffey,  Consultant Physiotherapist at Surrey Physio says:

“This is excellent news for patients in Surrey Heath as it gives them the opportunity to see the right person at the right time. The expertise of physiotherapists in these roles means fewer patients will be left waiting for a referral or unnecessary tests such as x-rays and MRIs.

“Each appointment with a physiotherapist will vary significantly depending on what the issue may be – it could be as simple as discussing lifestyle changes and signposting someone to local exercise providers or referring for diagnostics and potential surgery”.

“All of this saves time and money for the NHS but more importantly, it allows people to start the right treatment sooner so that they are able to stay in work or resume their day to day activities

Published: Jun 18, 2020