How to Make and Cancel an Appointment


Book face-to-face or remote appointments with your GP, nurse or clinician at a time that suits you.

Your details and information are protected by the highest standards of online security, so all you need to worry about is what to do with the spare time you’ve earnt.



Problems booking online appointments?

Use the Patient Access Support Centre before you call us.

How our appointment system works.

Firstly, we recommend you use the e-consult system or one of the online booking apps. If you are unable to use these, then you can telephone the surgery on 01252 835016 (Frimley Green) or 01252 317551 (Ash Vale)

We run a telephone triage appointment system.

  • Telephone and speak to a receptionist, who will book you in for a telephone call the same day or a following day with the doctor at a time that suits you.
  • The doctor will ring you back, discuss your needs and book an appointment to see him/her either later in the day or a following day if appropriate.
  • The doctor will not always need to see you, he may be able to resolve the problem with you over the telephone therefore saving your time and surgery time.

Our Appointment System during COVID-19

Please do not enter the practice unless you’ve been advised to, and wear a face covering. (this does not need to be a surgical mask)  You may not be let in the building if you do not. For those physically unable to wear a face covering, please let the receptionist or doctor know in advance. This will ensure we can continue to provide essential care safely. For more information about exemptions click here

To help us during this busy time patients are asked to:

- use e-Consult - it's easy and you get a response the same day

- download the NHS App - allows you to order prescriptions online as well as check test results and many other things too

- order prescriptions online or via our website.

- all prescriptions are being sent electronically to your choice of Pharmacy. If you have not nominated a pharmacy, the doctor will send to the one nearest to where you live and contact you to let you know this. Let us know if you would prefer another pharmacy next time.

- all paperwork is being printed or emailed to you so no need to collect sick notes, letters etc.


 The key changes  to our appointment system that went live in July 2018  are:

Continuity of care:

Our reception team will try and make sure that you are put back in contact with the same team member when an ongoing problem is being followed up.

When you need to make contact with us again for an on-going problem (for example not getting better, results of tests, checking on new medication), it is very important that, wherever possible, you receive advice from a single clinician. A rigid ‘see on the day’ system makes this hard. We will be allowing booking of appointments several days ahead to try and improve this issue. Clearly this means that the reception team will encourage you to make any follow-up arrangements with the most appropriate clinician, even if this does mean waiting for a few days.


Book ahead & phone appointments:

We will be releasing about half of our appointments for booking ahead and there are certain doctor's appointments for which you are able to book ahead. These are mainly telephone appointments.

Every doctor has a selection of phone appointments and clinic appointments available every day. We have found that about two out of three contacts with patients can take place on the phone, saving time for everyone and often a lot more convenient for the patient. There will be a small number of clinic appointments that can be direct booked by patients but we will continue with a strong emphasis on ‘phone first’. We will give a more precise appointment time for patient online ‘book ahead’ phone appointments, but please be aware that the doctor can sometimes be delayed and so will endeavour to call back within 15-30 minutes of the time specified. We will aim to make the call back on ‘book on the day’ phone appointments within a reasonable time.



Our reception team will try hard to ensure that you are put in contact with the most appropriate member of the team.

Due to the ageing population, there is continuing pressure on the whole of the NHS. The main challenge for primary care is a continuing shortage of trained GPs. We are working with a broadening team that now includes specialist nurse practitioners, paramedic practitioners, Physicians Associates and clinical pharmacists. You may not know what these professionals are trained to do, but our reception team does know. When you contact our reception team, they will ask you briefly to describe your problem so that the receptionist can put you in contact with the team member who is able to resolve your problem in the most efficient way.


Working safely:

What can we all do when we have reached our capacity for the day

There is a limit to the volume of work that a doctor can safely undertake in a working day. Therefore there is a limit on the amount of work that Bartlett Group Practice can safely undertake in a working day. If this limit is reached, you will be asked to call back on another day. If you do not feel that you can delay a discussion about your health problem, then you can phone NHS 111 for advice, any time, any day. Our duty team has a small amount of capacity, late in the day, for genuinely urgent problems, but this capacity needs to be used wisely to maintain availability for those in genuine need of urgent assessment and care.


Why are we making more changes?

We have gained a lot of experience from our current ‘phone first and see on the day’ system but we have also highlighted issues that we will aim to improve.


  • The convenience and efficiency of telephone consultations
  • Positive feedback from over 90% of our patients
  • The ability to pool work across our two sites (Frimley Green and Ash Vale)
  • A big drop in the number of our patients attending the local Accident & Emergency department

Cancel appointments you don't need