Advice for Young People

We are aware how difficult it can be for younger patients to get discreet, confidential advice, particularly if the problem concerns sex advice or contraception.

Respecting your right to confidential help is as important to us as it is to you. Your problems are never discussed with others. People under 16 years will always be given totally confidential advice.

Please do not be afraid to ask – if you cannot come to see us, the doctors and nurses can give initial advice over the phone.

advice for young people


Young Persons Guide

We have produced a guide specifically for our younger patients, explaining our confidentiality policy and giving details of the medical services available to them.

The guide also explains where else to seek advice other than your GP and includes a number of helplines that may be of interest.

A copy can be downloaded using the link below or they are available from Reception.

Young Persons Guide

Comments and suggestions for improvement or inclusion within the guide are always very welcome – please speak to a member staff or contact either of our Practice Managers.

Emergency contraception

Emergency contraception works best if taken within 24 hours of sex. It can be given up to 5 days later and other methods can be used up to several days after sex. Even when we are short of appointments, please make it clear to the receptionist if you need to discuss emergency contraception and we will always see you the same day.

All young people can also get advice from : 

Local Family Planning Clinic (01483 576208) or

Genito-Urinary Medicine Clinic at Frimley Park Hospital (01276 604604)


Need help? 

At times we all do. When you need someone to talk to who will not judge or criticise and is 100% confidential, call free on 0800 141 2055 or

‘I need help’ is a free, confidential, anonymous helpline and email service offering a listening and support service in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Their focus is on teenagers and young adults. Issues that they can help with range from fear and abuse, depression, isolation and loneliness, bullying and the impact of divorce and family conflict. 

They accept calls and emails from those who need regular support for an ongoing situation and from those needing help and support at a particular time.




Are you aged under 24?       

Have you missed out on meningitis vaccination?

Please contact the surgery to arrange this vital vaccination